Chehel Sotun Palace

Chehel Sotun Palace

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Chehel Sotun Palace

Isfahan, Isfahan

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Chehel Sotun Palace

Chehel Sotun (40 columns) palace is a historical building in Isfahan .it’s area is 67000 m, its construction start in Shah Abbas days and a building was made in the center of it. Shah Abbas built a castle in the garden. This garden was the core of the palace and includes the middle saloon and its four side’s booths. In the shah Abbas II crown, the building completed and made permutation in central building and Ayene saloon(mirror hall), bist sotun(20 columns) saloon, two large northern and southern rooms of ayene saloon, porches of king saloon and big dock with painting decoration and mirrors and tiling the walls and roofs are build up.

the palace used for his entertainment and receptions. The name mean forty columns and was inspired by the twenty wooden columns supporting the entrance pavilion, when reflected in the water are said to appear to be forty.

Eyeful parts of this palace are:

18 Sotun saloon

Ayene saloon

Stone lions at the 4 sides of central dock

Best decoration of gilt and king saloon paint.

A picture of shah Abbas I with a special circlet.

Transom of Qotbiye mosque and transoms of castle and cast of Darb Jobare and Agassi mosque that are set on the western and southern walls of garden.


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